Manifestation Magic: A Simple & Effective Way to Manifest Anything You Desire

Ever heard of the phrase, believe you can and you’re halfway there?

While your belief will get you halfway, Manifestation Magic takes any negative thoughts and transforms them into positive energy that propels you towards your deepest desires.

If you’ve ever heard of the Law of Attraction, this is one of the best uses of the LoA I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t have to do long tasks each day or spend hours reciting goals.  All I had to do was listen to a short audio track each night before bed.  These tracks are designed to turn your negative brainwaves into positive energy that manifest your deepest desires. In fact, you can even listen to them when you sleep; it doesn’t get any easier (or more effective) than that.

I give Manifestation Magic a whopping 5/5 star rating.

What is Manifestation Magic?

manifestation_magic_pdfLet me just state, Manifestation Magic isn’t a secret formula or some unheard of approach.

Manifestation Magic uses the law of attraction to help you ‘think’ better which in turn helps you to harness the positive energy needed to achieve your desires.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a frame of mind where all you think is ‘I can’t’ or ‘it’s not possible’.

Anything I’ve ever achieved has come from a state of ‘I can’ and Manifestation Magic is a powerful way of turning the tap on believing you can achieve.

It’s not as simple as that either, though . . .

If the Law of Attraction was a simple concept, there wouldn’t be hundreds (if not thousands) of books, webinars, seminars, and teachers showing others how to get it right.

It’s almost as if Manifestation Magic puts everything we know about the Law of Attraction into a powerful audio system that transforms your brainwaves to the correct vibration for success.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is made up of two different systems.  You have the ‘Energy Orbiting System’ which is all about using neuro-linguistic programming to help change your belief system.

The second system is the ‘Guide to Manifestation’ which is an eBook that gives you step by step instructions on how to decide what you want, visualize, and overcome obstacles along the way.  There are several products and membership bonuses also included in this system that make it extremely effective.

While the system is absolutely brilliant and I’d highly recommend it if you’re someone that is serious about their goals . . . no system is perfect.


  • Soundtracks

The Energy Orbiting System has soundtracks that you can simply sit back and listen to and have your brainwaves switch to positive vibrations on auto-pilot. It’s a busy person’s dream come true.

  • Practical Guides

There aren’t hours of tricky or confusing steps you have to take.  Instead, the Guide to Manifestation quite literally tells you how to get what you want and the steps you need to take.  It’s simple, clear, and very easy to understand each step.

  • Guided Meditations

I’m not one for sitting and staring at a blank wall until I come to a world-shattering epiphany.  The guided meditations in this programme talk you through an introduction, the meditation, and then a conclusion phase which makes them relaxing yet effective to use.

  • Delivery Upon Purchase

I had instant access to the programme right after I bought it.  There was no waiting time, no ‘other information’, no call with a consultant.  I could get started right away and start feeling the powerful effects of the Manifestation Magic without delay.


I’ll be honest, there aren’t many.  However, I tried to think of some while being as critical as possible.

  • Soundtrack Timing

The soundtracks are something which I felt most effective first thing in the morning or before going to sleep (or while asleep).  They aren’t something I’d use while working or while doing something engaging.

  • eBook Quality

While the eBook was very easy to use and digest, I thought it could be written in a more descriptive fashion.  Some of the writing felt rushed and I would have liked some parts to be expanded upon.  However, this might be a personal preference compared to what is actually needed to do the programme.

What are the key features of Manifestation Magic?

I’m glad you asked.

Seriously, the features of this product are exactly what set it apart. Here’s a little bit about each one:

  • Energy Orbiting System (7 Soundtracks)


The Energy Orbiting System includes seven soundtracks which are split across the:

  1. 10 Minute Meditator (Part 1 & 2)
  2. Daytime Wealth Track
  3. Twilight Transformation

These tracks dispel your negative beliefs by using sound waves which transform your brainwaves.  Each track is best listened to when you’re asleep, with the next best times being relaxed states (before bed or first thing in the morning).  The reason I’d recommend using them when you’re asleep is because your brain is most easily influenced during sleep, not to mention it will save you a whole lot of day time.

  • Guide to Manifestation

The second feature is an eBook that will be more well suited to the readers out there.  Not to be confused, this eBook goes hand in hand with the soundtracks.  You’ll find tips on how to use the program for the best results and guides that help you optimally use the audio tracks.

It gets better . . .

When you purchase the Manifestation Magic pack, you also receive the:

  • Chakra Power System

This system is designed to eliminate any negative beliefs you have around making money, feeling disempowered, feeling unworthy, and it helps with identifying your life’s purpose.

  • Transformation System

The transformation system contains 7 further modules about awakening the potential inside of you and achieving your desires.

  • Member’s Bonus Pack

Along with the other bonus items, you will also receive videos, audio tracks, and eBooks to further improve other key areas of life such as wealth, health, and your overall well being, all as an included bonus to Manifestation Magic.

I could hardly believe the value I was getting for simply purchasing the Manifestation Magic system.  If you’re after a complete steal regarding improving the overall quality of your life, you’ll want to seriously consider this package.

And regarding what sets the product apart, besides the excellent quality, it’s the outstanding value that you get from nearly four complete systems that are included in this pack.

My Review of Manifestation Magic

I’ll go through each area of the product and what I found good or not so good.

Product Quality

The creator of Manifestation Magic is Alexander Wilson who has spent years learning from masters who have modern and ancient understandings of spirituality.  His goal has been to learn the Laws of the Universe and to then share this with people around the globe.

It only makes sense then, that a man who has spent time speaking to masters in spirituality would create a product nothing short of ground-breaking.

I found Manifestation Magic to be an excellent product both in its content and fitting into my daily schedule.

There were no issues with the eBook or the audio tracks.  I also never felt confused or as if I had to go back and revisit a soundtrack more than once —unless it was for my own enjoyment.


The program was so easy to follow and the instructions were always clear.  I noticed a change in my emotional state almost immediately after the first soundtrack and I couldn’t imagine a day without the program now that I’ve experienced the benefits.

One of the things I really found useful was the Guided Manifestation booklet that comes with the pack.  There are tips about visualization and using the audio tracks that gave me a clear understanding of exactly why the product worked and what it was doing for my subconscious.


The soundtracks were clear, easy to understand, and never took a lot of time out of my day.  In some cases, I wished that the tracks for all the programs came merged onto one playlist so I could automatically track through them all, some were so good that I went back and listened more than twice.

The biggest bonus for me was the convenience.  While I listened to most of the tracks before bed and even while I slept (as recommended), I also played them on the train in the mornings and when I went for my lunchtime walk.

Overall, I had no major gripes with the eBooks or soundtracks from any of the systems.


If you’ve never come across a product that is a complete steal, this is the one. Initially, I was contemplating paying the $47 for the price of Manifestation Magic as a standalone system.  When I found out that I was getting not one but four systems in one purchase, I was blown away.

Not only were there hours of content included and numerous eBooks which added value to your daily wealth, health, and lifestyle, the information can be accessed immediately after paying.

If instant access to four proven systems for the price of one isn’t a winning deal, I don’t know what is.

Review Score

I can’t speak for everyone who has purchased the system.  What I can say is that the Manifestation Magic and it’s bonus systems have truly impacted my life in a positive way.  There isn’t a chance that I’d go back to the way things were before using the system.

I now listen to the audio tracks before I go to bed and I’ve noticed an overwhelming sense of confidence and positivity in my day to day tasks.

The system is easy to use as it’s convenient and the soundtracks work.  I could feel my state become more empowered the deeper I went into the system.

Final Thoughts – Does Manifestation Magic Really Work?

My experience with the Manifestation Magic program has ultimately been positive.  I’ve noticed a higher level of confidence and positive vibrations. This has helped me to manifest many of the desires I had before I started using the program.

I will say that this system will most likely work for those who consistently use it (it isn’t a one-off soundtrack) and for anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better.

If you are looking for a program that is easy to use, high-quality, and which will help you achieve the goals or things you desire, then the small price for four powerful systems is worth every penny and minute of listening.

Overall, I can’t guarantee your results will be exactly the same as mine, but if you can see even a slight change in your day to day state, you’ll find that the Manifestation Magic System can change lives.

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